LCM77W Compact wireless CUSTOM

Article number: SD577

LCM77W Compact wireless system of SD Systems 

High quality and easy to use because 
of the very light weight and compact HQ transmitter,
light-weight sothat your flute keeps the balance. 
It’s delivered including our LCM77 HQ mic for Trumpet. 
Now you are totally cable free
you can easily program on 8 frequencies for 8 different 
players. Frequencies can be synced with advanced infrared 
technology. The compact lithium battery can handle 
6 hours performance. 

Easy programmable & compact receiver.
The 515 series receiver has a dual-tuner true-diversity 
circuitry and delivers professional performance worldwide. 
It has a metal chassis and dual-c nnels in the 
24 MHz band (507~528 MHz). 8 user-defined, auto-scanned, 
interference free channels can be saved for 8 musicians on 
stage with frequencies, allowed in the USA as well as in most 
European countries.
Advantages LCM77W:
No cables to your belt, easy to clip on the trumpet with the 
compact and leight-weight transmitter 
High End specifications, pure natural sound
Long battery life, rechargeable cell, no batteries needed
Compact carrying case included + Separate microphone pouch (like LCM77)

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